Get Creative With a Virtual Dinner Party

It seems that almost everything can be done over the internet with today’s advanced technology. People are hosting everything from virtual cocktail hours to birthday parties. Another popular event has become a virtual dinner party. These parties are a great way for friends and family to get together and enjoy social time over a meal. Here are a few tips and tricks for hosting an online soiree all from the comfort of our Mockingbird apartments:

Choose a Platform

Connecting to friends and family members is easier than ever with the help of video calls. Popular platforms such as FaceTime, Zoom,¬†and Skype¬†allow groups to gather virtually. They can offer up to 50 connections. It is important to find a service that can be used universally and that also caters to some that may not be as “in the know” from a technology standpoint. Skype and FaceTime are free and relatively easy to set up. Zoom offers a free basic plan but only allows 40 minutes’ worth of video time per session.

Get Creative

Make the meal special by placing more attention to detail than normal meals. Diners can set up a table fireside or create mood lighting on a backyard patio. This is a great time to break out the nicer dinnerware or decorate the table with favorite items from around the house. This not only makes it unique for those in person, but also for virtual members of the dinner party. Diners can also set up and share a music playlist on Spotify or another music service. This helps to make everyone feel like they are truly enjoying a meal “together”. 

Choose a Menu Together

Work with friends and family to create a meal plan that is easy to make and uses ingredients that are easily accessible or that they already have on hand. A simple menu allows guests to cook together and takes the pressure off of everyone to have to intensely follow a complicated recipe. Quick salads, pasta dishes, and no-bake desserts make the meal more about the company than the complexity of the meal itself. 

Whether you are getting together with friends for a fun happy hour or setting up a creative virtual dinner party in your kitchen, The Lofts at Mockingbird Station is the ideal place to call home in Dallas. Please contact us to learn more about us. 

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