The Dallas Zoo is Home to More Than 2,000 Animals

a lion in the zoo

Just thirteen minutes from The Lofts at Mockingbird Station is one of the most popular attractions in the city.

We are talking about the Dallas Zoo, and it opened in 1888 making it the oldest zoological park in the state.

Originally, the zoo only had four animals, and today it features two thousand from around the world.

Highlights include:

Spectacled Langur

Spectacled langurs are leaf-eating monkeys that call Southeast Asia home. These charming animals are named for the markings on their face which resemble spectacles, and they entertain the zoo’s visitors by swinging in the trees.

King Vultures

Found in Central and South America, king vultures display a strikingly colored throat with shades of orange, yellow, and purple. They live in small groups and spend much of their day sitting in the canopy or flying high above the trees searching for food. King vultures build their nests on the ground or on rocky crevices, and they make low croaking sounds as they have no voice box.

Common Warthogs

Native to sub-Saharan Africa, common warthogs are one of the most distinctive of all wild pigs. They’re named for the four wart-like growths on their face, and they also feature two pairs of tusks used for digging and fighting other warthogs. These animals are somewhat social, and they feast on fruits, berries, and eggs.

Prime Meridian Cafe

Visitors who are hungry can enjoy a delicious meal at the Prime Meridian Cafe. Nestled next to the Cat Green Pavilion, it overlooks the flamingo pond and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu includes wraps, sandwiches, and pizzas.

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