Three Ideas for Hosting the Best Virtual Game Night from Home

virtual game night

If you enjoy solving mysteries, hunting for clues, and spending time with your friends and family, consider hosting a virtual game night from the comfort of your Dallas apartment. These ideas will take your game night to the next level while supporting local businesses.

Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms are great fun. From inside a room, you have to solve the mystery using all the clues you can find. Now, you can participate in Dallas escape rooms virtually with Breakout Games. When you book an escape room,  you and your friends will be invited to a group video call with a Breakout Games gamemaster who will physically be in the escape room. Direct them to explore, find clues, and try to solve the puzzle within 60 minutes.


Bring the mystery to your own home with Dispatch. This mystery-in-a-box adventure gets delivered to your door. You will get a box of physical clues and evidence that you untangle to solve the mystery. Choose from a variety of premises based on what sounds most intriguing to you. This is the perfect way to create a little escape room right at home.

Jackbox Games

This application lets you play fun and unique games virtually with friends and family. Try beating everyone at Trivia Murder Party 2, a game where you fight for your life by answering obscure knowledge questions. You can also play Tee K.O., a game where you win by designing the funniest t-shirt with slogans and pictures that your group has come up with. You can buy Jackbox Games on a variety of platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, and through your browser. 

No virtual game night is complete without food, so check out our recommendations for sushi restaurants in Dallas offering curbside pickup and delivery. For more information on our Dallas apartments, contact us today.

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